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The CFAC Mission & Vision

The Craving For A Change Foundation Inc.’s mission is to create change in the community by way of education, support, and scholarship.

Our Core values

There are five core values that really guide the work of the Craving For A Change Foundation. Our values are our fundamental beliefs and are an internal compass of principles that drive a our organizations decisions.











Our Team

Our passionate team of change-makers are committed to creating change throughout Galveston County by personal and professional development services to adolescent youth and young adults.

Our Founder

Kenshara Cravens, Executive Director

Kenshara Cravens believes everyone is capable of change. It’s this tenet that has led to her pursuing her calling in Social Work. With a singular goal of empowering as many individuals as she can, she finds ways to contribute through service, mentorship, and compassion.

A first-generation college student, Kenshara understands all too well the value of knowledge and the struggle involved in overcoming diversities. As such, she continuously seeks opportunities to further expand and develop her education.

Cravens to earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Walden University in 2023. Her dissertation is titled: Experiences and Perceptions of Hospital Social Workers, wherein she explores the commonly misunderstood world of social work in the hospital arena. A subject she knows well as she’ll also be earning the title of Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) this year.


Kenshara Cravens, Executive Director

Kenshara Cravens founded the nonprofit organization Craving For A Change Foundation Inc. in 2019. As a first-generation college student, Kenshara struggled to find necessary resources to complete college applications, FAFSA requests and more. From that experience, Kenshara formed the vision.

The Craving For A Change Foundation offers transitional assistance to adolescent youth and young adults. Assistance includes but is not limited to social emotional learning, life skills training, resume building, career exploration, college readiness, tuition and scholarship assistance. 

We seek to inspire the future generations of our community with essential programs, resources and scholarship funding necessary for success.

What We Do

Social Emotional Learning

At Craving for a Change Foundation, we believe that every child, youth, and adolescent has the potential to thrive. Through our innovative programs and services, we teach self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, and self-management, providing the tools and resources needed to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Join us in our mission to create change in the community by way of education, support, and scholarship and build a brighter future for all.”

Our innovative program for elementary aged students teaches children how to identify and manage their emotions, handle difficult situations, and build healthy relationships through fun and engaging age-appropriate activities.

Our high school program focuses on developing crucial skills and knowledge to prepare students for life after graduation.

Our program focuses on developing crucial skills and knowledge to prepare students for life after graduation. With a focus on engaging the students with emotional education, and ways in which they can deal with life stressor to not repeat the same situations. We are also incorporating an individualized plan to increase emotional awareness and support.

Our engaging Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program for  intermediate/middle school aged students focuses on developing key social and emotional competencies through interactive and challenging activities.

Our program for post-high school aged adults offers career counseling to guide them in finding their desired career path after college graduation, as well as assistance for those already in the workforce to take their careers to the next level by finding new job opportunities.

What We Teach

Is What We Crave!

Our programs are rooted in these 12 core principles that are essential for success in life after graduation.

Civic Engagement

We introduce our students to the importance of being politically involved in their community, how to vote, and make a difference.

Mental Health & Coping Skills

We inform our students about different mental health diagnoses and coping strategies.

Soft Skills Building

We help our students to nurture communication skills, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving abilities.

Problem Solving

We help strengthen our students ability to identify issues, generate potential solutions, and analyze and evaluate those solutions to choose the best course of action.

Problem Solving

We strengthen our students ability to identify issues, generate potential solutions, and analyze and evaluate those solutions to choose the best course of action.

Career Month

We provide opportunities for our students to learn about different career paths by inviting guest speakers, resume building, mock interviews, and applications.


We educate our students on how to care for themselves, including spiritually, socially, emotionally, and mentally.


We teach our students the norms of society, including table etiquette, phone etiquette, work etiquette, and health etiquette.

8 Dimensions of Health

We inform our students of the 8 dimensions of health including spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, and social awareness.

Financial Literacy

We teach our students about finances and how to maintain them through budgeting, credit, and a reality check activity.

Life After High School

We help our students prepare for life after graduation through career aptitude tests, exploring job styles, colleges, military and work force options, and mock interviews and applications.


We teach our students the skills needed to start and run a business through a shark tank activity and business plan pitch with business owners as judges.

Our Solution

The Problem & Our Solution

Many children lack emotional intelligence and social  development skills, causing them to miss out on opportunities.

This lack of emotional intelligence not only affects their social lives but also their future careers and internal and external relationships. Many children may struggle to cope with certain situations, and the absence of these skills can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

Our organization provides a solution to this problem by offering Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs that help children develop their emotional intelligence and social skills. Through our engaging and age-appropriate activities, we aim to equip children with the tools to handle their emotions and navigate challenging situations. With our program, children will be able to thrive both socially and academically, setting them up for a successful future.

Craving Change!


Change For A Brighter Future

Are you ready to lend your services to help create a change in your community? We are happy to partner with you to help further our mission.

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