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The mission of Craving For A Change Foundation, Inc. is to provide a change in our community by way of education, scholarships and support.

"I thought back to things I needed help with as a senior graduating going to college and this is how the other services came up."
Kenshara Cravens

Cougar to Cougar Testimonial

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it
today” (Malcolm X). I want to first thank the board and committee of Craving for a Change for
awarding me the 2019 Cougar to Cougar scholarship. This scholarship has helped in so many
ways unimaginable. My first year of college was a challenge. Being a student athlete at this level
required great focus and dedication. I am blessed to be in a wonderful environment with
exceptional friends, and professors. I have made great connections that will last me for a
lifetime. With this scholarship I am afforded the opportunity of higher learning. College is
expensive and obtaining this scholarship helped pay for books, laptop and other school supplies
needed to be successful this past school year. I will begin my sophomore year next month with
many challenges. COVID 19 brought me home to Texas for a while. The will and determination
to be great took me back to Paxton Massachusetts, at Anna Maria College to finish what I
started. I am not able to predict when this pandemic will be over, I am able to take advantage of
the opportunity of higher education. While the world is uncertain and scary at times, it was
Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the
world”. This is my time to be educated and learn how and when to stand up, to positively affect
change. Thanks again

Jeremiah A. Taylor

2019 Recipient, Cougar to Cougar Scholarship

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